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H2-BP is the world's smallest and lightest blood pressure monitor ever made.

You can check it anytime, and anywhere you want.

The existing blood pressure monitors are big, heavy, and not very easy to carry around.

The current blood pressure monitors are very difficult to carry around since it is big and heavy. Not only that but is difficult us alone.

Doctors advise recording your blood pressure, however since it is difficult to take a note everytime. H2 records it automactically.

You can check it anytime, and anywhere you want.


Managing life habits


Hypertension is a lifetime sickness. It's effected by taking too much salt, alcohol and ciggarettes. Lack of excercise and obesity. People have to manage their life habits when their hypertensive. However there are no tools for specific management. Thus we have H2 dashboard, which will show you the relation between your blood pressure and your lifestyle factors. Such as food intake, activity, weight, drinking and smoking.